“The Training Book” is a series which chronicles Bereda Training’s conversations with coaches, athletes, scientists, and industry thought-leaders as we seek to learn from the best and share knowledge with Endurance Athletes about how to improve, whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced. We discuss a variety of endurance sports, trying to gain insights from how different disciplines approach their craft. The idea is simple: if we talk to enough people, maybe we could write a book 😉

In this episode, Shayne Gaffney, Head Coach of GC Coaching, outlines the importance of helping athletes make important changes in their lifestyle in order to support their athletic pursuits.

He’s not just coaching Cyclists, he’s coaching people to become Athletes.

In the episode, he lays out his thoughts on the first few chapters of our eventual Training Book, which include:

  • Making Time
  • Building Habits
  • Athlete Mentality
  • Sleep
  • Nutrition
  • And generally… how to be an athlete.

Shayne has advanced training knowledge but works with a lot of beginner and intermediate level athletes and focuses on helping athletes set up their training and lives in unison in order to be successful on the bike. He takes a holistic approach to training.


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