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1-on-1 Coaching Information

The 1-on-1 coaching options are our most popular as well as the recommended way to get the best return on your training investment and include:

  • An initial athlete meeting before your training plan is created. 
  • A training plan built specifically around your performance and athletic goals by your coach. 
  • Coaching communication via private message, email, TrainingPeaks workout comments, and/or our Discord group.
  • Training plan updates when plans change and life just gets in the way.
  • A proven holistic approach that includes specific training, nutrition recommendations, mindset training, skills development, and race IQ education (if necessary).
  • A comprehensive strength training plan during the off-season and body maintenance routines.
  • Greater planning and analysis using WKO software.
  • As needed calls / Zoom meetings to plan your training, discuss goals, go over race strategy, nutrition, etc.


Looking to review what you are doing and make sure you are heading in the right direction?  Are you a self-motivated and consistent athlete who just has some questions related to training?  Our consulting plan is best for you!

$149 per hour.

Done via phone or Zoom Meeting.

Athlete location does not matter.

Book an Initial Meeting

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