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GC Coaching Virtual Training

GC Coaching Virtual Training is a 3 phase program. Each phase consists of 8 weeks of structured and progressive training geared towards cyclists and triathletes of all abilities to get you in the best shape possible coming into Spring. You can easily export all of the workouts to your favorite devices or software to make following your program easy. There is also a closed Facebook group where you can talk directly with your coach and other participating athletes. The best part is you can do these workouts from the comfort of your own home and at any time you want! 

How It Works

You can use a smart trainer, or a regular trainer with a power meter / heart rate monitor, and / or just a speed sensor!

All of the workouts can be found in your personal TrainingPeaks account that you will create. You will receive an e-mail after payment with instructions on how to do this. The workouts can be easily exported to your favorite devices and/or training software from your calendar.

If you need to shift around the days of the workouts, simply adjust them in your personal TrainingPeaks calendar by dragging and dropping them.

We recommend connecting your TrainingPeaks account and a Zwift account for the easiest way to train. You can find directions for doing that here. After you connect your accounts, you will find each workout of the day on Zwift under the “TrainingPeaks Custom Workouts” tab when you login.

What’s Included?

GC Coaching Virtual Training, powered by Zwift – Phases I, II, and III

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