GC Coaching’s beSPOKE training plans are perfect for the athlete who desires the expertise, knowledge, and top-notch guidance our coaches are known for providing, but at a value-driven price point ($199-$349).

  • Each plan comes with:
    • A custom 12 week training plan focused on your goal (for instance, a charity ride, bike tour, ramp up to racing season, etc.)
    • A 30 minute initial consultation to establish your goal/s, discuss your previous and current training, training time availability, and other important aspects.
      • This can be done over the phone (USA athletes only), Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger voice chat, etc.
    • A 30 minute mid-way consultation to ensure you are making progress, answer any questions you may have, and if necessary to modify the final 6 weeks.
    • A Basic TrainingPeaks account.

Get started in 5 steps:

  1. Fill out the contact form below.
  2. Pay the associated fee based on the coach you would like to work with, and be sure to sign the waiver you will be directed to afterwards.
  3. After we receive payment, we will send you a link to attach your existing TrainingPeaks account, or create one, to our coaching account.
  4. Give us a week to create your plan and deliver it via TrainingPeaks, after your initial consultation.
  5. DO THE PLAN and reap all the benefits that a 12 week structured and tailored plan can provide!

Payment via PayPal:

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