With race season rapidly approaching for those of us living in the Northern Hemisphere, it is time to leave the Base Phase and begin adding in the supra-threshold efforts that the Build Phase brings.  A 30/30 workout is one of the most effective ways I have found to improve an athletes anaerobic prowess, lactate clearance, and ability to produce the necessary power during a criterium, twisty TT, or stochastic group ride / road race.


10 minutes gradually increasing your power and cadence, then 3x 30 seconds @110+ RPM @115% FTP with 30 seconds @Active Recovery to ready the legs, and finally 2 minutes free ride to ready the mind.


-3x (10 minutes alternating between 30 seconds @130% FTP @110 RPM, and 30 seconds @70% FTP @65 cadence).

– Stay in the same gear for the 30 second OFF interval, just slow the cadence down to produce less wattage. Then JUMP hard and fast to get back up to the 30 second ON interval wattages in the same gear.

-Cool-down then stretch!


To use this custom workout file, click the link below and save the .zwo file to your computer’s /Documents/Zwift/Workouts directory. Now when you start up Zwift you will see this workout (called “Breakfast Returns (30/30s)”) under the Custom Workouts category in the workout picker.

Download Here


About the Author Shayne Gaffney

Shayne holds a bachelors degree in Health Science in Professional Development and Advanced Patient Care, is a USA Cycling Level 1 (expert level) Certified Coach, a level 2 certified Training Peaks coach, a USA Cycling certified power based training coach, USA Olympic Committee Safe Sport Certified, and a licensed physical therapist assistant. He is also the creator of Zwift's "Build Me Up" Flexible Training Plan. He can be contacted directly via info@gaffneycyclingcoaching.com for any cycling or training related questions.

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